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Lipreading Tuition

If you are a medium to large organisation then statistically one in six of your staff will suffer from some sort of hearing loss.

Without the correct support, losing you hearing can be a frightening and debilitating process.

One of the most encouraging and positive steps available to a person with a hearing loss is to join a lipreading class; unfortunately many of these are run on weekday mornings or afternoons and are therefore inaccessible to those who are working.

As a progressive employer you could help your staff face the challenge and provide a lipreading course in your own workplace.

You could provide a 10-week, 2-hour session on a day suitable to the company and workforce.

The aim of the course would be to develop lipreading skills in a non-threatening, informal and informative setting for those staff members whose hearing has deteriorated and who use spoken English to communicate with others.

Participants will learn how to follow conversation better, and practise recognising clues to what has been said. They will benefit from the shared experience of others with a hearing loss and gain useful coping strategies to allow them to better manage their hearing loss.

By supporting staff and improving their interpersonal communication skills and rebuild self-confidence you will have a happier and more productive workforce.

Hard-of-Hearing people have as much to offer as those with full hearing and by improving basic communication skills you will be helping reopen many doors that will have appeared to have closed.

You could also enhance the working environment and make it more Deaf friendly and accessible by running a Deaf Awareness course for other staff members so that they might learn how to better communicate with friends and colleges who have a hearing loss.

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