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The Academy of British Sign Language (BSL) was established by former staff members of the British Deaf Association (Scotland). At the BDA we had many years of experience and a highly successful track record in the professional delivery of BSL training and teaching.

We are proud to carry on the tradition of BSL teaching and training developed by Deaf people and their organisations. We will continue working with some of the best, most experienced Deaf teachers and trainers in Scotland.

The Academy will provide everything needed to meet the requirements of companies and individuals who work with or employ Deaf BSL users or other D/deaf people; who serve them as clients and customers, or who just want to get to know and communicate with them better.

The Equality Act is Anticipatory
Service providers should not wait until a customer who is disabled wants to use the service before thinking about adjustments. They must plan ahead, and not sit and wait until a customer asks for an adjustment.” The Equality Act (2010)

We are here to help you make that adjustment. We offer everything from Deaf Awareness and BSL taster sessions, frontline BSL training for staff, one-to-one BSL tuition and accessibility assessments, to lip-reading tuition and how to use an interpreter. And of course at the very core we offer the highest quality standalone courses for any individual wanting to learn BSL.